Building local, social networks for neighbours in Europe.

We lower the hurdle to meet the people living around you and help neighbours to connect in real life. This creates social and sustainable communities at a local level.

At Good Hood GmbH, we develop and operate hyperlocal, social neighbourhood networks in Europe. From our Berlin-based office, has grown to become Germany's largest social network for neighbours and is the market leader in France.

Strong and lively neighbourhoods, operating on a small scale, improve our quality of life as individuals and as a community. We believe this kind of social network strengthens social cohesion within our local communities, holding the key to solve the challenges of modern democratic societies, such as loneliness, seclusion, demographic changes, sustainability and integration.

No algorithms. No filter bubbles. No selling of data. We are committed to reviving neighbourhoods with an easy-to-use, transparent digital tool.

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